Our Story


            I get nostalgic every time I reminisce on my childhood Christmas memories. One of my favorite memories is on Christmas Eve listening to the radio with my parents and sister when they announced that Santa Claus was spotted in his sleigh above Jackson Heights, New York.  The excitement and nervous energy was overwhelming! We hurried off to bed as quick as we could because we were always told Santa only comes when you are nestled in your beds. How was I going to fall asleep if I was so excited I could burst? Would I be able to stay awake till Santa arrived? Year after year, the question would run through my head until I drifted off to sleep before catching a glimpse of Santa.


            Not far from Jackson Heights lived a family that listened to the same radio show. In Breezy Point, New York the family of three ran off to beds with hopes and dreams of spotting Santa deliver the toys they so wished for. They too never saw Santa but always had their Christmas wishes fulfilled.


            Years later, Jeanne from Jackson Heights and John from Breezy Point got married and had two beautiful boys. When sharing Christmas memories with the  boys, we laughed as we realized miles apart we were sharing the same Christmas Memory. Neither of us ever spotted Santa Claus. Here is where the idea was born. We were going to catch Santa in the Act and bring joy to children all around the world. Would you like to share in the joy?


            John’s media background and my pediatric nursing work together to create this family run business. John has been in the Media world for the past 15 years creating TV shows, documentaries, children’s programs, websites, and web videos. We used this experience and our love of children and Christmas to create Santa Caught on Tape. When you call or email our office, you will hear back from a member of our family! We can’t wait to hear from you. 


            We are committed to bringing the Spirit of Santa and Christmas to as many families as possible. We have a special place in our hearts for families in need or in special circumstances.  Please tell us your story. We are donating a percentage of sales to create free videos for some of these special families. There is no better joy than a child’s happiness.  For families in need, please email us at


             I hope children of all ages are filled with joy on Christmas morning!


Wishing all a Very Merry Christmas!


Jeanne Brancaccio (John’s better half!)  &  

John Brancaccio (Creator and Executive Producer)